The Syrian military attacked the Israeli RER, which jam the Russian "Armor" and S-300

Israel is jamming Russian air defense systems in Syria.

A few hours ago, it became known that the Syrian military successfully detected and attacked an Israeli electronic reconnaissance station and an electronic jamming station, which monitored and jammed Russian air defense systems located in Syria. We are talking mainly about air defense systems located in the area of ​​the Syrian capital, however, it has been suggested that tracking could also be carried out for the S-300 complexes located in the Masyaf area.

“The Israeli Armed Forces announced the elimination of four militants in the Golan. According to the military, last night, four militants crossed the Syrian-Israeli border (not recognized by Syria) and mined an electronic reconnaissance station at the height of Tel Fares. For several hours, Israeli army personnel watched and "led" the trespassers from the very beginning of their infiltration into the Golan. The militants were liquidated by ground forces and aviation when they were already returning to Syria. After the end of the incident, the Israeli Armed Forces explosives dismantled the IED and began to study it in order to find out which group the killed militants belonged to. Despite the fact that the suspects have not been identified, Israel has blamed the Syrian government as it was from its territory that the penetration into the disputed area occurred ", - informs "Telegram" channel "Directorate 4".

Considering the recent failures of the Syrian air defense systems in repelling the strikes of the IDF, experts suggested that this may be due to Israel's interference in the work of the Pantsir-S complexes, while, obviously, the work of the S-300 complexes is being monitored in parallel. can prepare the Israeli F-16 very big trouble.

Oh, you are wrong ...

The joys of the Syrians are informational, the joys of the Israelis, at least for now, are concrete.

No one would dare to attack Israel. Because he will receive a crushing answer. See what happened in Lebanon. God punished Lebanon for Hezbalah. The Jewish God is always with the people of Israel!

The station on Tel Fares is located more than 1,5 km in a straight line from the border, not to mention that the ascent to it goes along a serpentine road. The station is guarded.
It was announced that the penetration did not exceed 25 meters (feel the difference), after which the militants were destroyed. Who would let them get to the station ?!

Syrian aviation exists only on the Russian Internet.