The Syrian military deployed 1500 troops and more than 20 tanks to Manbij. Video

The Syrian military pulled significant forces into Manbij.

According to social networks, partially confirmed by the video recordings, the Syrian military pulled about 1.5 thousand troops and more than 20 armored vehicles to Manbij and the surrounding area of ​​this Syrian city. The main goal of the confrontation of the Syrian army are jihadists, whose number, by the way, exceeds the number of Syrian units in this area by 10 times.

According to the data presented, the main striking force is the SAA tanks, among which the Soviet T-55 and T-72 are the basis, however, experts say that the likelihood that Turkey will decide to intervene against the background of regular flights of Russian military aircraft is scanty In this connection, the units of the Syrian army are quite enough to provide powerful resistance to the militants and even defeat the superior forces of the latter.

According to experts, jihadists can launch a large-scale attack on Manbij within the next 24 hours, while it is likely that this is an offensive at night, which will allow terrorists to get as close to the vicinity of this city as possible.