Convoy in Syria


Syrian military intercepted another convoy of the US military

The Syrian army again dishonored the US military.

Another attempt by the US military to get into the area of ​​the Syrian city of Kamyshly resulted in shame for the US Army. A small military convoy, which included armored vehicles, was successfully intercepted by the Syrian military, who simply deployed the Americans, refusing to let the latter into the area of ​​the Russian military base, threatening otherwise with the use of force.

“For the third time in two weeks, the Syrian Arab Army (CAA), together with local residents from Hammu, blocked a US military convoy from passing a checkpoint in the Al-Kamyshly area. According to local sources in al-Hasak, the Syrian army stopped a US convoy as it approached a checkpoint; there were also several villagers protesting against the presence of American cars. The US military convoy, consisting of five vehicles, was eventually forced to turn around and look for another way to its destination. Locals in Hama are increasingly hostile to the US military presence in the southern region of Al-Kamyshli district in Al-Hasaka province. Over the past two weeks, they have often gathered at the Syrian army checkpoint to prevent American vehicles from using the carriageway inside the village. ”, - about it сообщает Al-Masdar News informational publication.

Experts draw attention to the fact that, despite everything significantly superior in strength, the US military is forced to obey the orders of the Syrian military, because in case of refusal, simply will be open fire on uninvited guests, and given the close proximity of the Russian military air base, the Syrian military will receive additional cover both from the ground and from the air.

And what confused? How many US people were killed after WWII? After them, the second place in the English. So who messed up!

This is absolutely correct. Where there is the USA, there are murders, wars and robberies. The United States does not have a place not only in Syria, but also in the countries of the world.

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