Syrian military shot down a Turkish drone


Syrian military shot down a Turkish drone

The Syrian military managed to shoot down a Turkish drone.

For several hours, the Syrian army managed to destroy a Turkish military drone, which violated the border of the airspace of the Arab republic. According to the information obtained by the resource, it turned out that it was a Serçe-1 reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle, which allegedly tried to collect information about the positions of the Syrian army, however, it is also possible that the drone could be used to coordinate Turkish artillery strikes, although there is no official confirmation of this version yet.

In the photographs presented, you can see that the unmanned aerial vehicle was damaged as a result of being hit by a burst from an assault rifle or machine gun, as a result of which one of the main rotor propellers of the quadcopter was damaged.

Earlier it became known that the Syrian military was allowed to attack any foreign unmanned aerial vehicles that unauthorizedly violate the boundaries of the airspace of the country's regions under the control of the CAA.

According to the resource, the Turkish reconnaissance UAV Serçe-1 was with the final today in the province of Aleppo, while Ankara does not officially comment on the loss of its drone.