Syrian military shot down the second Israeli military drone in a day

The Syrian military managed to shoot down a second Israeli drone.

After the Syrian air defense system succeeded knock down Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle IAI Heron, it became known that another Israeli military reconnaissance drone was shot down in the airspace of Syria, which also violated the border of the airspace of the Arab republic - the Skylark UAV. An unknown electronic warfare system was used to defeat the drone. As a result, the drone did not receive any serious damage, but was forcibly planted.

It is known that the drone was shot down by an electronic warfare complex in the Syrian province of Quneitra. The Israeli side initially categorically denied the loss of the drone, and later announced that the drone crashed due to technical problems. This indicates that for the IDF, drone losses in Syrian airspace are critical.

For what purposes the Skylark drone was used is unknown. Obviously, as in the case of the destroyed IAI Heron UAV, Israel tried to conduct an inconspicuous reconnaissance of the area for subsequent strikes, since it is known that Israeli military reconnaissance aircraft are also actively suppressed by electronic warfare.