Syrian military accidentally blew up a Russian armored vehicle

Photos of the Russian armored car destroyed in Syria are published.

A few hours ago, social networks published photos that depict a Russian armored vehicle “Lynx” destroyed by a Syrian anti-tank mine. As a result of the explosion of an anti-tank mine, the car received critical damage, but information about the victims and possible victims of the incident, despite the fact that the incident occurred back in the 2016 year, has not yet been announced.

In the photographs you can see that the front of the armored car used by the Russian military in Syria has been completely destroyed, however, despite the fact that we are talking about the TM-62M anti-tank mine, the cabin and the rear of the car survived, and this despite a wave of criticism to these vehicles.

However, it turned out that the Russian car hit a mine accidentally installed by the Syrian military.

It should be clarified that several days earlier it became known about another attack on a column of Russian military in Syria.

According to previously published data, an unknown explosive device exploded along the line of the Russian military convoy, while, according to official data, the victims and victims were avoided, however, according to the Israeli NZIV, at least three Russian soldiers were injured.

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