Syrian military destroyed at least 4 Turkish tanks after a half-hour artillery strike

As a result of a half-hour artillery bombardment, the Turkish army lost at least four tanks in Syria.

The Turkish tanks located in the area of ​​Mount Zavia (used by the Islamists - approx. Ed.), Which Ankara plans to use against the SAA during the Islamist offensive, turned into piles of scrap metal. This is evidenced by data from Syrian sources. For unknown reasons, Turkish jihadists fired on SAA positions, to which the Syrian troops did not stand on ceremony and responded with half-hour artillery preparation over an area of ​​several square kilometers, resulting in the destruction of at least four Turkish tanks, unarmored Islamist equipment, presumably one of the jihadist headquarters and a warehouse with weapons.

On the presented video frames you can see the work of artillery of the Syrian army, and, apparently, the actions of the Syrian military were coordinated by Russian drones and aircraft, since only a few days ago a Russian military reconnaissance plane was seen in the sky over this area of ​​the Arab Republic, apparently by observing areas where the forces of the Turkish army and Islamists could be concentrated.

It is known that neither Turkey nor Russia intervened in the incident, obviously trying to avoid an active confrontation.

Of course, it was joyful for the Russian systems, but neither the S-300 nor the S-400 had practically shot down any targets, while Israeli planes bombed the entire territory around them with rockets.