Syrian military admired Belarusian "tank"

Syria admired the Belarusian armored vehicles and wants to buy a large batch.

The Syrians began to pay great attention to the Belarusian models of weapons, believing that the Belarusian military-industrial complex has very great prospects. According to a number of Syrian sources, of particular interest today is the multiple launch rocket system MLRS Flute and BRDM 2T-Stalker.

The Syrian media had previously reported on the Belarusian multiple launch rocket system, believing that when using relatively cheap unguided rockets, the ability to launch 80 missiles simultaneously could easily hit any enemy at short distances, however, the Belarusian armored vehicles were of particular interest to the Syrian military. in particular, we are talking about the BRDM-2T Stalker.

“SAA should pay attention to the Belarusian stalker armored vehicle, which will help the Syrian military to make up for the loss of equipment in many years of wars. This small country located in eastern Europe was able to make a unique machine capable of effectively cracking down on enemy troops, shooting down drones, helicopters, airplanes and even hitting tanks <...> Laser guidance, target tracking, communication channels with troops - everything is provided for here, that’s almost a tank- reports the Syrian information resource.

It should be clarified that earlier there was information that Belarus was supplying its short-range air defense systems to Syria, however, Minsk did not officially confirm this information.

It should be noted that the BRDM-2T Stalker is a joint development of the Russian and Belarusian military, however, the machine itself is not such a novelty - it was first introduced in the early 2000s.

Does Syria have money to pay?

I get the impression that if the zmagars raise their weapons, he will supply them with weapons, because they will pay with hard currency or checks signed at the State Department

Well done Belarusians!