Tank destroyed


Syrian troops totally destroyed the Turkish military convoy - only bits and pieces left of the tanks

The attacks of the Syrian military smashed a large Turkish military convoy.

Threats and provocations from the Turkish troops in Syria forced the Syrian military command to strike at the Turkish military convoy, which included the military personnel, fired on the positions of the SAA. As a result of a salvo of artillery, the Turkish military convoy was completely destroyed - even the tanks could not withstand the blows, turning, in fact, into a pile of scrap metal, as evidenced by the corresponding photographs.

In the photograph presented, you can see that the tank handed over to the terrorists by the Turkish army was completely destroyed - according to some reports, the artillery shell fell just a few meters from the M-60 tank, however, not only it was injured. According to sources, as a result of a powerful strike by the Syrian military, food trucks, several armored personnel carriers, one self-propelled artillery were destroyed and at least six Turkish soldiers were killed.

It is known that the incident occurred in the area of ​​the city of Taftanaz, while a number of sources note that the Turkish troops tried to break through the Syrian defense line, heading to their completely surrounded observation post and opened fire on Syrian troops.

It should be clarified that Turkey promised to give a tough response to the actions of the Syrian army, however, in this case, the Syrian military will almost certainly respond with new artillery and missile attacks, which will certainly lead to very serious losses for the Turkish troops.

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