Syrian residents blocked the convoy of Russian military. Video

Syrian residents blocked the Russian military convoy.

A few hours ago, in the Syrian province of Hasek, a group of several dozen civilians blocked a convoy of Russian soldiers, preventing military patrols. Civilians did not show any aggression, however, the incident was not caused at all by the Syrians attempt to interfere with the work of the Russian military, but by a call for help in the fight against pro-Turkish terrorists.

“Today, in the area of ​​the city of Tel Tamr (Hasek province), a protest rally was organized by civilians. Residents called on official Damascus to help them. In total, about 30 women and 10 men gathered. A passing patrol of the military police of the Russian Federation stopped to find out the reasons for the gathering of protesters. From a conversation with the audience it became known that the meeting was organized to meet the Russian military and turn to them for help. The reason for their protest was the actions of pro-Turkish militants, they do not let civilians into their territories, burn agricultural land, steal livestock, and plunder farms. After the conversation, the Russian military convoy departed in the direction of the tasks, promising to assist in resolving the problem with the representatives of Turkey "- reports the Telegram channel "WarJournal".

What kind of measures Russia will take is still unknown, however, experts say that Ankara itself is well aware of the actions of pro-Turkish militants, since it has unofficially declared this region their territory.

“The terrorists feel great in this region, hiding behind the Turkish military, it is obvious that Russia should reconsider the existing agreements on the introduction of Ankara’s special buffer zone in northern Syria, as civilians continue to die as a result of the frank invasion of Syria”, - the expert marks.

"Do you have an oil well in the village? No? Okay, we will help you later, but for now we have things to do."