Syrian S-200 air defense systems discovered and escorted an Israeli F-35, which was considered invisible

The Syrian S-200 air defense missile system found an Israeli F-35 40 kilometers from the border.

The Syrian air defense system managed to locate and escort an Israeli fifth-generation fighter F-35, which flew about 40 kilometers to the Syrian border. This is the first known case when an Israeli F-35 was detected by Syrian air defense systems and could be destroyed if it attempts to attack Syrian territory.

It is reported that despite the claims of the Syrian military that the anti-aircraft guided missile of the S-200 air defense system of Syria managed to shoot down an F-35 fighter at the end of 2017, information on this matter has not yet been confirmed. As follows from the statement of the American side, Israel sent a report to the United States, which says that in mid-2018, the F-35 fighter of the Israeli Air Force was successfully detected and captured as a target by the Syrian S-200 air defense systems deployed several tens of kilometers from the Syrian-Israeli border ... It is reported that the Syrian complex did not attack the Israeli combat aircraft, but escorted it for a very long period of time, until the latter was outside the SAA air defense detection zone.

As follows from the data presented, the reason for the discovery of the Israeli F-35 fighter was the use of external fuel tanks and rockets on the external sling, which nullified the "stealth" technology of this fifth generation combat aircraft. Against this background, the United States thought that the much more modern S-300 air defense system of the Syrian army can easily detect the F-35, even if the latter does not have weapons on an external sling and does not carry additional fuel tanks.

The disclosure of such information forced experts to think again about the fact that the S-200 air defense system of Syria could shoot down an Israeli combat aircraft in 2017, especially since Israel does not explain which fighter was destroyed by the Syrian air defense.

Taking on escort does not mean shooting down. A rocket can be blinded already in flight