T-90 Tank


The latest Russian weapons have been transferred to the Syrian military - they will be used to storm Idlib

The Syrian military has seen the latest Russian weapons.

After a Russian warship arrived in Syria a few days ago, allegedly very heavily laden, it became known that the Syrian army had unexpectedly received the latest Russian weapons and equipment. The latter, allegedly, will have to be used in the assault on the Syrian province of Idlib. At the same time, we are talking not just about small arms, but also about heavy military equipment, missile systems, anti-tank systems, etc. This indicates a very serious approach to the assault on the largest terrorist stronghold in Syria.

"Huge reinforcements for the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army on the Saraqib axis in Idlib, including, in addition to support forces, modern armored vehicles and missiles."- сообщает user "Twitter" -account "SyrSeal".

At the moment, there are no other official details on this subject, but a few days ago there were unconfirmed reports that new T-90 tanks were seen in the front-line areas of the Syrian province of Idlib. This indicates that the Russian military has additionally strengthened the Syrian troops ahead of the impending attack on terrorists.

A day earlier, it became known that Russian military transport aircraft were involved in a large-scale transfer of Syrian troops to four provinces in northwestern Syria, which, as expected, will take part in the attack on jihadists.

norms article, landing craft delivered heavy military equipment)))) how much? one tank?
T 90 new tank, also normal))))