UAV strike


Syrian drone attacked the positions of American troops at night

The drone, which took off from the Syrian airbase "Tiyas", struck at the American military.

A few hours ago, an unidentified Syrian attack unmanned aerial vehicle was lifted into the skies from Tiyas AFB, which, according to CaricaMil, entered the airspace of the US-controlled Al-Tanf base and delivered at least one strike. This is the first attack by the Syrian military on an American military base in several years. At the same time, it is argued that the attack by the Syrian drone is a response to the actions of the United States, which also took a direct part in striking the Tiyas airbase in the Syrian province of Homs, and also took part in the final strikes in the same region along with the Israeli military.

Moreover, the source claims that we are talking about several unmanned aerial vehicles, although at the moment there is only confirmation that the strikes were carried out by only one drone.

“Today unidentified UAVs attacked the American base at Et-Tanf. The last two airstrikes against the Syrian army came from the Al-Tanf region, probably Syria's response. ", - said in the message of "CaricaMil".

According to data published by the Free Syrian Army group, which is actively cooperating with the United States, the attack was carried out using kamikaze drones. This, given the fact that there are no such UAVs in Syria's armament, suggests that the attack was carried out by the Iranian military, who had previously promised the United States and Israel to avenge the attack.