Military in Syria


Syrian officer to the commander of the American patrol: "If they return tomorrow, I will give the order to destroy the patrol"

The Syrian military for the last time warned the commanders of the American military convoy, who tried three times to slip through the checkpoint.

The Syrian military officer, during the next interception of an American military convoy trying to break through an equipped checkpoint, clearly explained to the commander of the American military convoy that the next appearance of Americans in this area would be very “unpleasant” for the latter. In the video presented, the Syrian officer explains to the American translator that if the American military patrol reappears in the same area tomorrow, it will be attacked and destroyed.

“A video posted on social media shows a Syrian Arab Army (CAA) officer who stopped a US military convoy in al-Hasak, threatening to destroy their patrol if they return to the same checkpoint again. In the video, a Syrian officer tells the American translator: “Do you understand what I told you? If they return tomorrow, I will give the order to destroy the patrol, including them. " The video was widely distributed on social networks and received massive feedback from the people who shared it, and Twitter authors explained that the incident occurred in the rural areas of Tel Tamr in the village of Mansef al-Takhtani. "- This is reported by the Arab news publication Al-Masdar News, publishing a corresponding video filmed by the Syrian military.

Apparently, the actions of the US military became so arrogant that the Syrian army decided to react to them quite harshly. Moreover, it is likely that the Syrian troops can simply mine the entrances to the checkpoint, leaving the responsibility for the fate of the future directly to the Americans