Syrian air defense system Buk-M2E shot down an Israeli drone over the Golan Heights

The Syrian military managed to destroy an Israeli reconnaissance drone.

The IDF's attempt to conduct reconnaissance in Syrian airspace, which usually leads to subsequent missile strikes, ended in failure. An unknown Israeli drone tried to violate the border of the airspace of Syria and at the very first crossing of the airspace of the Arab republic was instantly destroyed by the Buk-M2E complex.

According to the news agency, the Syrian military attacked the Israeli drone without warning. This indicates that the agreements on Syria previously concluded between Russia and Israel will no longer be implemented by Damascus.



In addition, given the fact that the Israeli drone managed to penetrate only one and a half kilometers into the airspace of Syria, the Syrian warning system for violating the airspace of the Arab republic works very effectively, since the missile was fired exactly at the moment the Israeli drone crossed border of Syrian airspace.

Judging by the photograph published by the Syrian military, we are talking about a fairly large unmanned aerial vehicle - according to a number of data, it could be an IAI Heron UAV. The Israel Defense Forces declined to comment on this.