The Syrian army has once again succeeded in defaming the Israeli air force

The Syrian military has once again succeeded in defaming the Israeli Air Force.

On November 24, 2021, the Israeli Air Force attacked one of the military installations of the Syrian army, destroying, according to Israeli media, at least one Soviet-style S-200 anti-aircraft missile system and a radar station from this complex. Nevertheless, as it turned out, both the pilots of the Israeli fighters and the reconnaissance aircraft were again discredited by the Syrian military - the “destroyed” air defense systems turned out to be rubber dummies.

Similar tactics have already been used by the Syrian military during the Israeli attacks on Tiyas airbase. It was successful this time too.

“Syria did not announce or confirm the defeat of the S-200, but only confirmed that many Israeli missiles were intercepted by Syrian air defense systems before they could threaten ground targets. Surprisingly, just after an Israeli newspaper announced that IDF fighters had destroyed a Syrian S-200, the AMN newspaper reported that the Syrian Defense Forces had deployed a series of rubber air defense systems in an area that had just been attacked by an F-16. These special air defense systems are used by Syria to deceive the enemy. This tactic has also been successfully used by Damascus several times during Israeli airstrikes in the area of ​​the T-4 base in 2019 "- сообщает DatViet with reference to the Lebanese Al-Masdar News.

It should be noted that the Israeli side has recently been trying not to publish satellite images of the strikes, which obviously indicates the failure of the latter.

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