Syria defense


Syrian army in northern Syria armed with MANPADS due to possible Turkish invasion

The Syrian military, located in the northern part of the country, began to arm MANPADS.

Sources in Syria report that the soldiers of the Syrian army, located in the northern part of the Arab Republic, have begun to be armed with portable anti-aircraft missile systems. The reason for this is the information that has appeared that in the coming weeks the Turkish army is preparing a powerful offensive against the areas occupied by the SAA, moreover, the military operation of Ankara will be actively supported by military aviation.

"The SAA soldiers received additional weapons - portable anti-aircraft missile systems, preparing for a possible Turkish invasion from the north", - the source said.

A number of other sources claim that the Syrian military was indeed given MANPADS, while training in their use is carried out by Russian military personnel, which obviously indicates the fact that Russia is preparing for any violation by Turkish forces of previously reached agreements, including through “punishment "For the Turkish Air Force.

It should be noted that recently the tension in the northern part of Syria has increased quite strongly - in addition to the gathering of Turkish armored vehicles and artillery here, the jihadists supported by Turkey are making constant attempts to occupy new territories.