CSTO forces


They want to include Syria in the CSTO - this will give Russia the right to strike at Israel and Turkey

Syria can become another member of the CSTO.

The head of the Main Military-Political Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Andrei Kartapolov, announced that Syria could become the next CSTO member country. This will significantly expand the capabilities of the Russian military on the territory of this Middle Eastern state and preserve the security of Syria from various kinds of threats, including from Israel, Turkey and the United States.

"Why not? Firstly, the charter is not a dogma, it must respond directly to the situation if it is beneficial to everyone: both Syria and the CSTO partners. I do not exclude this possibility "- said Kartapolov on the air of the radio "Moscow speaking".

In other words, now any attack on Syria from the same Israel or Turkey gives Russia the right to retaliate, which can quickly pacify the aggressors.

“The Collective Security Treaty provides for the provision of allied guarantees in the event of an attack on a country that is a member of the CSTO. So far, Syria has not expressed such interest, however, given the growing external threats, it is obvious that Damascus may be very interested in this in the future. ", - the expert marks.

At the same time, at the moment it remains unknown whether other CSTO member states will support Syria's accession to the Collective Security Treaty, as this implies that other countries will have to provide the Arab republic with appropriate assistance in case of a threat.

want to include Syria in the ODBK, but Syria itself wants it?

Any attempt by Russia to restrict Israeli action against Iran in Syria or elsewhere will fly it out of the Middle East faster than a champagne bottle cork. The example of the USSR is very convincing.

Syria and Israel are at war; there is no peace treaty. The same as with Japan.

The United States and Turkey have a very significant interest in Syria - this is oil, and therefore having such allies as Syria can influence the world oil market, in fact, because of which all the cheese is boron in Syria. Does anyone really believe that the United States is worried about someone's rights and freedoms?

Russia has a very significant interest in Syria, this is oil, and therefore, having such allies as Syria, you can influence the world oil market, in fact, because of what all the cheese in Syria is created by the United States, does anyone seriously believe that the United States is concerned about someone's rights and freedoms?

If Syria becomes a member of the CSTO, it is not a fact that the intensity of hostilities in Syria will decrease. For the "partners", using the difficult logistics from the CSTO countries to Syria, may try to belittle the CSTO's authority by organizing the intensification of military provocations in Syria.

And what are Russia's interests in this country? Maybe let this A. Kartapolov protect her there.