Cruise missile


The Patriot system has not shot down a single Yemeni missile. Where are the debris from?

It turned out that the Patriot system had not shot down a single cruise missile or UAV launched in Saudi Arabia.

Informational edition "Mercury News"Reports an unexpected fact revealed as a result of an attack by Yemeni rebels on the oil refining industry of Saudi Arabia. As it turned out, despite a public demonstration of the wreckage of the missiles, which supposedly belong to Iran, not one of the cruise missiles or drones was ever shot down by Patriot systems.

“On Wednesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who was heading for Saudi Arabia, was asked how it could happen that the air defense / missile defense systems located in the kingdom failed to stop any of the low-flying cruise missiles or armed drones that hit the Abkaik oil refining center - the largest of its kind in the world ”, - the newspaper reports.

In fact, this means that the wreckage of unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles, demonstrated the day before, has nothing to do with this attack, not to mention the fact that Iran's guilt has not been proven.

“How could the surviving front parts of the missiles be detected if the latter exploded in a collision with oil tanks, which caused a powerful explosion? This indicates the fact that Washington is arranging forgery, trying to blame Iran for everything. ”, - the expert marks.

M-yes ... Pendosov with a head completely became tight. I don’t know what rubbish they collected this ram, only any specialist will say that after a regular detonation of the warhead of a cruise missile, there is only dust left from it, and even in the explosion and fire of the refinery (or whatever they burned, no dust left.

If we assume that the attack of drones and missiles at the oil plant was a provocation, it becomes clear why the Patriot did not work.