Armenian air defense system was activated - Azerbaijani reconnaissance drone shot down

Armenian air defense destroyed an Azerbaijani drone that invaded the country's airspace.

A few hours ago, the air defense systems of Armenia were urgently put on full alert due to the appearance of an unknown aircraft in the state border area. As it turned out, we are talking about the drone Elbit Hermes 9000, which is a tactical drone.

As soon as the information on crossing the state border of Armenia was confirmed, the air defense instantly attacked the drone, successfully hitting it with an anti-aircraft guided missile, which was captured by the Armenian Armed Forces on mobile phone cameras.

It is known that as of 2016 at least 13 tactical all-weather Elbit Hermes 9000 Israeli-made drones were in service with the Azerbaijani Air Force, however, experts believe that this will not be the first loss in the ranks of the Azerbaijani Air Force if the situation cannot be stabilized in over the next few hours, as the Armenian Air Force has already lifted its Su-30SM fighters, which are by far the most powerful combat fighters in the region.