Iranian air defense system frightened off an American military aircraft that entered the missile launch zone

Iranian air defense systems scared off the American plane, seizing it as a target.

As part of the Iranian military exercises "Zulfiqar 1401", an American military aircraft entered the zone where the maneuvers were carried out, completely ignoring Tehran's warnings. However, when the board entered the air defense coverage area in the exercise sector, the Iranian Khordad 15 air defense system and radar «Jask» captured the aircraft as a target, thereby warning about the readiness to open fire.

It is reported that the American military anti-submarine aircraft Boeing P-8 Poseidon carried out patrols and collected information over the area of ​​​​the exercises "Zulfikar 1401". Simultaneously with the performance of the operation by the Khordad 15 missile system, the American P-8 aircraft was given a warning by the Jask radar at the PK3350 position, after which it left the exercise area. A recording of the relevant negotiations between the Iranian military and the American military board was published on the Web. This indicates that Iran followed all security procedures in the region.

The US has not yet commented on the incident, however, the situation indicates that the US has lost the initiative in the Middle East.


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