Systems "Patriot" missed ten UAVs attacking ships in the Persian Gulf

The American “Patriot” proved unsuitable for fighting drones.

As it became known, at least a dozen Qasef-1 unmanned aerial vehicles took part in the attack on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf and oil refineries in Saudi Arabia. Despite the fact that the region is completely covered by the US Patriot air and missile defense systems, none of the UAVs have been spotted.

US missile defense systems are deployed in Saudi Arabia and the UAE in such a way as to provide cover for strategic facilities, including, among others, the Fujairah port and oil refineries.

This is not the first time that unmanned aerial vehicles fly over strategic objects, and at the same time remain unnoticed by air defense and missile defense systems, as evidenced by the previously published video.

Experts, in turn, do not rule out that, against the background of the failure of the US air defense / missile defense system "Patriot", the UAE and Saudi Arabia may come up with intentions to acquire Russian air defense systems, especially since this issue has already been discussed previously.