NASAMS air defense systems have already arrived in Ukraine, but without missiles

NATO air defense systems have arrived in Ukraine, but so far without missiles.

Last Sunday, sources reported unconfirmed information that the first NASAMS systems had already arrived in Ukraine, which began to be deployed in the Kyiv region and in a number of other areas. Despite the fact that no convincing evidence of this was presented, the United States unexpectedly announced that missiles for these air defense systems would be delivered to Ukraine in the near future. This implies that the weapons actually arrived in Ukraine.

It is known that initially it was supposed to deploy NASAMS air defense systems exclusively for the defense of Kyiv, however, later there was information that these complexes would also cover the central and western part of Ukraine. Specific deployment areas are not disclosed for obvious reasons.

During the latest briefing by a Pentagon representative, it was announced that the new shipment of weapons to Ukraine will include the shipment of anti-aircraft guided missiles for NASAMS systems. This means that such weapons will begin to be used already, probably, in the second half of August. It was officially announced that two NASAMS SAM batteries would arrive in Ukraine, which, depending on the variant of the complex, implies sending 18 to 24 launchers to Kyiv.


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