Systems recorded an attack on a Russian combat helicopter in Syria

In Syria, they tried to attack Russian helicopters.

Against the background of the ongoing Russian military operations to eliminate pro-American terrorist groups, it became known that after several attacks by Russian rotorcraft on the base of terrorists, helicopter systems recorded an attack by terrorist elements. The corresponding notification of the pilot was recorded during the negotiations between the crew and the command at the Khmeimim airbase.

On the presented video frames, previously demonstrated by, you can see the moment of the attack on the militant base. After several accurate strikes, the systems of the combat rotorcraft worked and alerted the Russian military that an attack was being carried out against the helicopters.

Judging by the information voiced by the system about the attack, the Russian helicopter was attacked from behind, however, it remains unknown who exactly is behind the attempted attack on the Russian Aerospace Forces helicopters. Nevertheless, despite the existing threat, the Russian military managed to successfully complete the assigned combat mission and eliminate the terrorist formations actively supported by the American side.