"The situation is close to catastrophic ...": a record for the incidence of coronavirus has been set in Russia in a day

In Russia, a record for the incidence of coronavirus COVID-19.

An uncontrolled increase in the number of people infected on the territory of the Russian Federation led to a huge increase in the number of infected people - only in the last day in Russia 1459 new cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus were recorded - infection among the country's population exceeded the mark of 10 thousand people.

“Over the last day in Russia, 1459 new cases of coronavirus in 50 regions were confirmed, 13 deaths were recorded. For a day in Russia, 118 people fully recovered. In total, 10 131 cases of coronavirus in 81 regions are registered in Russia today. Over the entire period, 76 deaths were recorded, 698 people recovered ”, - the Telegram reports about it, the channel of the operational headquarters of Moscow on the situation with the coronavirus.

The largest number of cases of coronavirus infection was detected in Moscow, however, it is much more frightening to overcome the psychological mark of 10 thousand infected.

“So far, it is not possible to restrain the coronavirus either by emergency measures or by isolating citizens. Forecasts based on statistics are frightening. The situation is close to catastrophic ... Although it should be paid tribute to the fact that mortality from coronavirus in Russia is still minimal ”- the analyst quotes.

What exactly is associated with the active increase in the number of cases is unknown, however, the situation is quickly approaching the problem of Italy - with current statistics, in Russia there will be a much larger number of new diseases than in the European state.

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