The situation with coronavirus in Russia: mortality per day increased by more than 26%

Coronavirus mortality in Russia rose by a quarter in just a day.

In Russia, the number of people infected with the coronavirus COVID-19 continues to grow. According to the data provided by the operational headquarters, over the past day in Russia, 582 new cases of coronavirus were recorded, while 9 new deaths were recorded.

Taking into account the information presented, experts note that in this way the number of cases in the territory of Russia increased by 14% per day, while mortality from coronavirus in Russia increased by 26,5%.

Experts note that despite the fact that the continued increase in the number of new types of coronavirus infected looks very alarming, the situation is gradually starting to stabilize, however, increasing mortality rates at a high rate indicate an unfavorable situation in general.

Given the ratio of deaths to the number of cases, experts note that in reality, the probability of dying from coronavirus in Russia is relatively small, in particular, if with an incidence of influenza this figure is about 1%, then at the moment mortality from coronavirus in Russia is about 0,9, nine%.

According to analysts, if the current situation may already indicate a decline in coronavirus in Russia, however, before the incidence begins to decrease for another two weeks, therefore, measures to compulsory isolation of citizens are justified.

As of today, the mortality rate of patients with coronovirus in Russia is close to 9%. Divide the number of deaths by the total number discharged from hospitals (who is home, who is in the morgue) and multiply by 100%. And all the rest have not yet completed the course of treatment and it is too early to talk about its results, right?