Situation in Donbass - LPR and DPR put 650 tanks against the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine turned out to be significantly weaker than the forces of the DPR and LPR.

Despite the fact that it was previously believed that the tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine transferred to Donbass give Kiev a significant advantage in an armed conflict, it turned out that against 450 Ukrainian tanks, the forces of the self-proclaimed republics are ready to deploy 650 tanks, which indicates the fact that in the event of a large-scale conflict in the region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will lose it devastatingly. Moreover, the LPR and DPR are armed with 260 multiple launch rocket systems, which indicates the readiness of the Donbass republics to destroy most of the Armed Forces grouping with one powerful and massive strike.

“The Ukrainian Armed Forces is creating a deceptive superiority in the Donbass. Despite the fact that the number of Ukrainian Armed Forces in the region is 90 thousand servicemen and officers, while the LPR and DPR are ready to deploy an army of 35 thousand servicemen, there will still be equipment to fight, and in this regard Kiev is clearly losing. ", - the expert marks.

Analysts note that a significant advantage for Kiev can be given by Turkish attack unmanned aerial vehicles of Turkish production, however, in recent reports, the Turkish side did not confirm the data on the transfer of Bayraktar TB2 drones to Donbass, although it did not refute the information that appeared about the transfer of 30 UAVs to Ukraine.


The President is like the leader of the pack, he is responsible for the safety of the entire pride, the whole country. I have no doubt for a second that he will make the right decision.

The President knows better. Moreover, he is also the Commander-in-Chief ... He considers it necessary ... He joined.

Recognize the DPR and LPR as INDEPENDENT republics and enter them into the Russian Federation based on the results of the last general popular vote.
This simple decision requires elementary decency and goodwill of the President of the Russian Federation, but there is none.

And another 3000 on Russian territory at the border are at the ready.

Dear commentator! You shouldn't think that such information leak is accidental!

Reactive systems are perhaps the main thing. There are presumably enough blowers. It is clear that the satellites, both ours and amerovskie "hang". Bayraktar are not bad at jamming, and I do not believe that at the right time with ter. In Russia, they "suddenly" will not work at the right time. Really. I do not think that the General Staff is not in control of the situation. I think they analyzed Karabakh.

dear author! It is not reasonable to announce what kind of weapons the LPNR has, unless, of course, you are on the side of the LPNR, you could get by with the phrase / enough to repel an attack and launch a counteroffensive /

As far as I understand, the north wind blew this amount of equipment to Donbass? Something tells me that this information is pure bullshit ...

650 tanks are cool! More than Saudi Arabia (600 there). Donbass is rich, wherever there are the poor Saudis.