The situation in Vuhledar is extremely difficult - the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to transfer troops to the city and strengthen the defense

The Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to return the supply routes of Vuhledar under control and carry out a rotation of forces.

Despite the critical situation for the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine holding Vuhledar, the Ukrainian military still managed to take control of the city’s key supply routes, rotate forces and strengthen the defense of the city by almost a whole battalion, creating an extremely difficult situation here for further battles for the city.

It is known that the units of the Russian army managed to start intense battles for Vuhledar, however, the Ukrainian troops managed to hold back the attack despite serious losses. Nevertheless, according to the sources of the Telegram channel Come and Look, the transfer of additional Ukrainian troops to Vuhledar and the rotation of forces may indicate that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing for a counterattack.

Vuhledar is considered one of the most vulnerable cities controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a further offensive may well lead to the encirclement of the city by Russian troops and taking it under control. However, counterattacking actions of the enemy can lead to serious problems in this direction, especially considering the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already deployed their long-range artillery and HIMARS systems here, which pose a huge danger in open areas.


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