Sivkov: it will take 3 days to unblock the Kaliningrad region through Lithuania

Sivkov believes that the operation to unblock the Kaliningrad region through Lithuania will take three days.

Against the backdrop of how Lithuania continues to blockade the Kaliningrad region, refusing to provide access through the Suwalki corridor, Russian military expert Konstantin Sivkov said that if the operation to unblock the Suwalki corridor were launched, these actions would take only three days.

According to Sivkov, in the case of an intensive operation, it will be possible to cover a distance of 60 kilometers quickly enough, although the Russian military expert did not comment on the possibility of whether neighboring Belarus, which is almost guaranteed to become the target of NATO strikes, will grant the right to conduct such an operation.

“Talking about a convoy through the territory of Lithuania is actually the beginning of an operation to deblockade along the Suwalki corridor - an offensive operation. By the way, the operational line is small - only 60 kilometers. With a good pace of advance, this is 3 days "- said Sivkov.

At the moment, it is known that the EU is trying to resolve the issue of transit to the Kaliningrad region through Lithuania, however, official Vilnius announced that it would block such decisions from the European allies. This indicates that Lithuania is indeed conducting a targeted blockade of the Kaliningrad region.