Sivkov announced the loss of the American Himars to the Soviet Hurricanes

In Russia, compared the capabilities of the American M142 Himars and the Soviet Hurricanes.

Against the background of the appearance in service with the Armed Forces of the American M142 HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, experts decided to compare these weapons with the Soviet Uragan multiple launch rocket systems. According to the Russian military specialist and vice-president of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences (RARAN) Konstantin Sivkov, the American system not only does not surpass the weapons of a similar type existing in Russian arsenal, but also loses to the Soviet Uragan systems.

“In relation to the HIMARS MLRS, an on-duty legend was invented that this is some kind of“ superweapon ”. In fact, this is quite an ordinary heavy missile system. If compared with the Uragan MLRS, then the American complex has a 240-mm caliber, while the Soviet-made MLRS Uragan, which, among other things, is in service with Ukraine, has 220 mm. HIMARS hits, depending on the type of projectile, at a distance of 32 to 42 kilometers, our complex hits targets at a distance of 35 kilometers. HIMARS has six missile guides, and our Hurricane has 16", - said Konstantin Sivkov.

At the same time, the Himars M142 system was never positioned as a weapon designed to strike at an area and is considered today a precision weapon. For this reason, it is completely inappropriate to compare some of the parameters of the Soviet MLRS "Hurricane" and Himars. In particular, the M142 Himars ammunition is guided, and their maximum strike range can reach more than a hundred kilometers, even when using standard ammunition. However, the key drawback of the American systems is the fact that their work can be blocked by electronic warfare, while the "Hurricane" is able to fire in any conditions.