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SK will check "Victory" after the incident with the volleyball player of the "Fakel" club

The Investigative Committee will check the validity of actions of employees of airlines "Victory".

We are talking, of course, about the scandalous case with the removal from the flight of Alexander Kimerov, the volleyball player of the Fakel club, who, according to independent experts, was completely unreasonably asked to leave the flight. It is assumed that direct witnesses will make a significant contribution to this case, as well as the video made that the volleyball player is being attracted to leave the plane.

According to some reports, the airline "Victory" Management also intends to go to court, because, according to one version, the man behaved abusively and violate the rights of air transport.

Nevertheless, it is important to clarify that from the Alexander Kimerova yet any comments on this issue have been reported.


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