Rocket shot down the plane


Scandal with MH17: fragments of the rocket that shot down Boeing over the Donbas were bought on the black market

The wreckage of the rocket, allegedly shot down a Boeing 777 over the Donbas, turned out to be bought on the “black market”.

Despite the fact that the only weighty evidence in the case of the destruction of the Boeing 777 passenger airliner over the Donbas was fragments of the Buk anti-aircraft guided missile system, it became known that there are nothing in common with this tragedy. As it was found out, a joint group of investigators, which is investigating the tragedy MH17, acquired the wreckage from unknown intermediaries on the black market.

"Joint Investigation Team (JIT) acquired the body of the rocket engine of the Buk anti-aircraft missile complex, from which, allegedly, the Malaysian Boeing was shot down over the Donbass in the summer of 2014, from unknown intermediaries", - informs the Lenta edition, referring to the publication of the Novaya Gazeta.

The extent to which this information is objective is unknown, but this means that, in reality, debris from the rocket may have nothing to do with the investigation, since the real identity of the rocket remains unknown.

It should be clarified that 5 years have passed since the plane crash in the Donbas, however, it has not yet been possible to identify the perpetrators and all the circumstances of the crash that occurred.

I believe that neither Putin nor Poroshenko participated in this matter, people made it smaller. If one and the other obeyed their presidents, the war would have been over long ago. all the bandits did not ask anyone. And who asked someone when a plane with the Ukrainian military was shot down near Donetsk along with a general. Russia provides the militants with weapons and the militants dispose of them according to their orders. Russia is to blame because it has given the BUK to the separatists.

And will not succeed.


You forgot to add that the Ukrainian ACUs were deployed in the area, although their enemy never had a single aircraft. And to use them on ground targets is impossible. After the destruction of the aircraft, they left and no longer appeared. The plane, which for one hundred years flew in one route, on this day was sent to the combat zone by Ukrainian controllers, which no one else had seen since that day. As well as their magazines ......

In service

Operators of the "Buk"
Russian Ground Forces - no less than 350 SAMs 9К37 / 9К317 as of 2016 year [18]
Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation - 80 ZRK 9K317 as of 2016 year [19]
Russian Air Force - a number of air defense missile systems 9K317 as of 2016 year [20]
Coastal troops of the Russian Navy - a number of 9K317 air defense missile systems as of 2016 year [21]
Belarus - 12 batteries [22], as of 2016 year [23].
Azerbaijan - 18 SAM "Buk-M1" (3 Division) delivered in 2012 year [24] 1 9K317 SAM or SAM 9K37MB and 100 9 317M2013 delivered in the year [25]
Venezuela - 3 complex 9K317EK “Buk-M2EK” and 60 ZUR 9М317 delivered from Russia 2013 year [25].
Georgia - 1 — 2 of the Buk-M1 air defense system, as of 2016 year [26]
Egypt from the previously delivered Buk-М40-9 air defense system from Russia in 37 [2016].
Kazakhstan - from 2 to 5 of the Buk-М1-2 air defense system
Cyprus [28]
Syria - from 6 to 20 Buk-М1 and Buk-М2 SAMs with 9М317 [28] SAMs according to various data. According to The Military Balance, as of 2013, there were 20 units of the Buk [29] system in Syria. According to the Center for Analysis of the World Trade in Arms, only 18 of the Buk-М2Е complexes were shipped from Russia in 2008 [30]. According to the Stockholm Institute for the Study of Peace, a contract between Russia and Syria provided for the supply of 8 complexes Buk-M2 and 160 ZUR 9М317, which were transferred to the Syrian side in the period from 2010 to 2013 [25].
Ukraine - 72 Buk-М1 ADMS, as of 2016 year [31].

"1. Boeing shot down by a rocket BEECH - fact." Is not a fact! Far from a fact ...

Five years later, but it was not possible to identify the perpetrators? Do not tell my slippers. Perpetrators have long been established. Another thing is that these guilty for five years trying to otmazma

Well, Yuri. Let's turn on the logic that you yourself for some reason did not even intend to include. And so on your same points:
1. Boeing shot down by Buk - a fact. Once this is a fact, only Ukraine, in which the beech is still in service, could knock down a Boeing. Russia has no Bukov. They have long been decommissioned and disposed of. You can argue that they say one two nga missiles have not been disposed of just in case. But after all, beech is not a rocket, or rather not just one rocket). This is a system consisting of a whole complex of technical devices. And to conceal such a complex is almost impossible.
So, on the first point we have a fact - Guilty Ukraine.
2. Conclusions on the second point follow from the first. Russia could not bring down Boeing due to the absence of her beech missile complex. This could only be done by Ukraine.
3. This item is excluded due to the absence of beech systems in service with Russia. And even with any tragic mistake on the part of Russia, the Boeing could not have been shot down by a beech on the part of Russia.
4. This statement is completely logical. From the Ukrainian side, it was a planned action aimed at compromising Russia in the eyes of the world community.
5. We all see perfectly how Ukraine, for more than 5 years, hides its obvious guilt in destroying a Boeing, shifting all responsibility to either Russia or the DPR.
As everyone remembers the first statements of the Ukrainian side boiled down to the fact that the Boeing was shot down by a beech by Donetsk “separatists”.
And only later, realizing the futility of such a statement, Ukraine began to blame Russia for this.
6. As an argument about the non-participation of Ukraine in the destruction of the Boeing you bring an absolutely illogical argument. Do you think that Poroshenko is not such an idiot to be so substituted. But Putin turns out, by your judgment, the idiot who substituted himself. But after all, over the entire period of the Poroshenko's Board, he has done so many idiotic deeds that even Ukraine itself calls him apart from an idiot. What can not be said about Putin.
As you can see, Yura, all your logical judgments are not worth the apple nibbled by the Ukrainians. And put your logic in one place.

In your 6 clause, the logic is broken. The 1 Square dispatcher deliberately allowed a civilian liner into the war zone, 2 Poroshenko went to any kind of fake and not fake deal in order to blacken Russia, 3 United States closely watched the battle zone, but the moment it was launched the rocket for some reason blinked in itself is nonsense, the truth to the anti-aircraft gunners of the Russian Federation is the same question, 4 such an incident made Russia a monster in the eyes of the world community and in the Russian Federation understood this, as indeed he who also possibly made this provocation ... present, you, our logical, continue to try to draw a conclusion. The truth is that the positions of the opposing sides were too close to each other, and the speed and height of the liner do not allow the experts to make objectively correct conclusions from where the rocket flew, because you have another logical conclusion from this, the arguments of the experts cannot claim objectivity for Ukraine , or for Russia, it's just another trumped-up fake. Holland is a NATO country, NATO is a rival of Russia in this matter, do you logically think that a NATO country can indirectly testify against its bloc ???

There are no transcripts there, no negotiations with the dispatchers, no black boxes, or you have not read the recent statement on this occasion of Malaysia’s Prime Minister ?!

It will be cooler if we deceive everyone. yeah

Since it is difficult to compromise the statement of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation about the ownership of a rocket to Ukraine in the usual way, a “deza” about buying debris for money from someone is unknown.

When ukry shot down a Tu-154 over the black sea, the amers immediately gave confirmation of this from the satellites. Their companions constantly control the territory where Boeing flew. If they had anything to confirm the accusations against Russia, it would have been presented to everyone for a long time. So all the chatter about our "wine" - the usual information war.

Conclusion sucked from the finger. Well, or from somewhere else. What are the clues ?? Incomprehensible photos from social networks, which even do not converge with each other? Rave. And, most importantly, the motive. Why does Russia need to pull this Beech through half the country, which, by the way, is completely useless? Shoot down Ukrainian military aircraft? So the militia and without Bukov they landed well from MANPADS, so they stopped flying. But Ukraine profits above the roof, so they had a motive. Again, where is the dispatcher?

in the DNI could not be complexes. There is no one to work for them. The complex is not a Muscovite and not a Lada. Sat down and went. Aim and bummed. In addition, it works on the beam locator.

Yes, that's just one moment, Poroshenko would not fit in the adventure so? But send the plane to fly over the territory of hostilities to the dispatcher instructed, did he fit in this adventure? If so, then that is guilty in any case usryinushka tchk.

Russia has something to do with it, the plane crashed in Ukraine, the dispatcher with documents disappeared in Ukraine, the Buk air defense system is deployed in Ukraine, but for some reason Russia is to blame

Poroshenko is not an idiot. he is a worse offender

Negotiations - a listing is laid out in a public report of the commission published in October 2015.
There's also a decryption of black boxes.

and where is the logic? .. or do I not understand something in logic? ... do cats like milk, is it a fact? fact .. and my cat does not like a fact? a fact .. it means I don’t have a cat ... is it logic? ... no .. it's psychiatry ... a fact ... Poroshenko sent 3 a little boat for slaughter, and you say that he will not go ... learn logic .. .

6 item is not true. Under the roof of the CIA. And further more. The cream removes the United States to this day. Point.

This was accomplished and therefore planned not by Poroshenko, but by other unofficial or even slightly official officials in the Ukrainian government or Ukrainian coalition, and there may also be special services of another patronizing country, such as the USA! And they all, but under the guise of USA, all the same!

Someone launched a dezu about a military transporter with an escort attack ground guard at a given direction at a characteristic height for him, etc., that is, the usual setup. Someone could bite on it, having a trophy complex. By the way, such a setup should be considered as a deliberate cold-blooded murder, and this is an electric chair.

Parashenko was ordered out of Fashington, and even if he didn’t have to, but he could not disobey the owner, the more he was promised with three boxes.

And why can not it be that the Americans learned about the presence of the installation on the territory of the NPT and put bowing on it? After all, they changed the course.



an hour before Boeing, Putin was flying there
airplanes are almost the same color
three days before the trial in London over the money it was necessary to blacken Russia by any means to win the trial
for this and shot down
the pilot of the VSU who flew there Voloshin shot down the back of his head

Brad if Ukraine were confident that Russia was hit, there would be no need for 3 of the week to bomb the crash site of the downed Boeing. The whole world believes the news and does not want to hear the truth.

I think if the militiamen had Buki and trained personnel, they would have planted enough ukroeroplans before this Boeing.

All of your statement (right in the 6 points) is built on one basis, that Poroshenko will not go for this scam and therefore Russia is to blame. And if you only think that Ukraine is all the same to blame, all your conclusions will collapse. All incessantly argue only about who pressed the "button" and do not want to see that Ukraine deliberately allowed the plane into the war zone.

reasoning logically: Marshut and changed Ukraine-YES: Dosheter Ukrainian-YES; BUK in Ukraine is-YES; But he had to fall not in the DPR but in RUSSIA !!!!!; But ukry hurried; And do not invent a dozen idiotic versions and, like criminals, do not admit the obvious, despite all the evidence. And there is enough evidence, recognition is not required.

And it is not necessary to wash, but because why, where is the evidence?

The simple question is, where is the dispatcher who led the plane?

well-planned provocation and Russia does not wash off.

Methodology change, yes?

investigators sold conscience to the market.

Your logic is full of holes from the very beginning. Boeing changed the route and altitude at the direction of ukroduspatcherov criminally did not close the database area for the civilian side. why knock down Russia, framing under the howl and screeching and sanctions, and why, until this incident, Beech was never used in real air raids by the Ukrainian Air Force. show as well as the dispatchers negotiations. All the withdrawal is all for a long time (30 years) know, but the truth is they do not need as you.

An investigative group that buys evidence in the black market? After that, someone can believe her?
In my opinion, this is the Dutch shit from head to toe.
How then can you be serious about what the Dutch "investigators" portray?
Vaughn Ukrainians, realizing that the smell of fried, began to fuss - and the "witness" in the DPR was stolen, and something else was depicted there. They understand that in spite of all the coverings they will soon catch hold of the scrotum. I understand this statement from the same series.

Where are the records and negotiations of the Ukrainian dispatchers? No investigation needed, find and submit these negotiations. This will be 50% evidence. And 50%, that Ukraine has not closed the sky over its territory.

Yuri you, I see an amateur who thinks logically. But it’s Ukraine who gave up the wreckage of the rocket. What a mistake if the wreckage of the plane did not have time to fall to the ground, and Poroshenko on all TV channels announced that Russia had hit the Malaysian Boeing.

The USA is the customer, and Poroshenko is the performer. The CIA said it is necessary, the terrorist answered, there is.

It turns out great, the wreckage was bought from an unknown person. The fake video was taken from social networks. The rest of the fake information was provided by the Belingsat organization, created two days before the Malaysian Boeing was shot down. And Russia is to blame for everything.

PF ... And the brave warriors're coming out, themselves, on their own initiative could not palnut, ord? Kakly, able, already shot down civilian ships

how on another's territory can you shoot down an aircraft? ERROR ??? Ukraine has already shot down a civilian aircraft over its territory and this is a fact! And then they also felled all around and this is also a fact! Proved their guilt and poked his face! So why should she not once again shoot down a civilian plane over its territory? Ukram had nothing more to do, how the Russians themselves came to them, shot down the plane and drove away and slipped the pieces of the rocket! Any Ukrainian proof is a scam!

Here with the logic is just very tense.

No president Poroshenko, no matter how idiot he may be, will not go for such a scam. And all for the sake of an attempt to compromise Russia. Such an insignificant goal does not justify the means so risky for Poroshenko.
1. If the operation was carried out with the support of the CIA, then the risk is zero
2. The goal for Poroshenko is not insignificant, but strategic
3. Conclusion: Boeing shot down Ukraine under the guise of the United States

Everything is logical. But the Russian Federation can not recognize the downing of MH-17, even by mistake. ITS NO in the Donbas and it does not supply weapons to the militants! The recognition of guilt of the Russian Federation entails the recognition of a hybrid war against Ukraine.

The route of the plane, too, Russia paved?
The sky over the Ukrainian territory is not closed, too, Russia?
And so you can transfer to infinity ...
As for evidence, Ukraine throws all kinds of evidence, because Russia was not included in the investigation team!

At least one real evidence someone showed.

We reason logically.
1. Boeing shot down by a rocket beech - fact.
2. Boeing could be shot down by either Russia or Ukraine. So?
3. If Russia is a tragic mistake, they wanted to shoot down a military plane of the Ukrainian Air Force. So?
4. If Ukraine is only the planned deliberate destruction of a civilian plane of a foreign state over its territory, no “mistake” is possible here. So?
5. Hide his guilt in such a crime before humanity is almost impossible, the risk of establishing the culprit is close to 100%, followed by a catastrophe at the international level and The Hague for the leadership of the country. So?
6. No president Poroshenko, no matter how idiot he may be, will not go for such a scam. And all for the sake of an attempt to compromise Russia. Such an insignificant goal does not justify the means so risky for Poroshenko.
Conclusion: Boeing hit Russia by mistake. Pt
And it was better to admit the tragic mistake, blame the arbitrariness of the generals, the initiative of the military, who, with the best of intentions, wanted the best ... And not to invent a dozen idiotic versions and, like criminals, not to admit the obvious, despite all the evidence. And there is enough evidence, recognition is not required.
And Russia finally began an active opposition to the investigation - throws up “evidence” that will turn out to be a fake on closer examination. These are these Dutch investigators. The classic method of misinformation.

presumably? ...... Clowns!