Regiment "Normadiya-Niemen"


He died last pilot of the regiment "Normandie-Niemen"

In 98, died last pilot regiment "Normandie-Niemen".

As the official report the French authorities, on the eve of the day on 98, died Gael Tabyure - the last pilot of the legendary regiment "Normandie-Niemen". The funeral of a former military pilot will take place in February 22, in doing so, the French authorities believe that bid farewell to the "legend" will want to tens of thousands of people.

It is necessary to clarify the fact that Gael Tabyure joined the volunteer regiment in 1944 year, and after a series of training flights, he quickly mastered the tactics of air combat, shooting down six months later the first German plane.

In total regiment "Normandie-Niemen" pilots 99 numbered, with, as a result of the fighting 42 pilot died.