"Skripal has nothing to do with it": Europe is afraid of Russian aircraft

Specialists have told us what the attacks of Europe on Russia are related to.

The case of the poisoning of Sergei Skripal did not become the main reason for Europe's attacks on Russia. As follows from the specialist's statement, in reality, European leaders are much more frightened not by the fact that Sergei Skripal was sent, especially since Russia’s guilt in this has not been proven, but the military potential of Russia.

“The countries of Europe are much more afraid of Russian military aircraft than interference in their internal affairs. Please note that after every flight of Russian fighters or bombers near the EU borders, these leaders of these countries throw themselves into panic, although in reality, Russia has the legal right to fly in international airspace. ", - the expert has declared.

Among other things, independent analysts pay attention to the fact that the British authorities, and the speech, in particular, is about Therese May and Boris Johnson, are trying to remove the malice precisely in Russia, completely forgetting about conducting any dialogues. So, relatively recently, Theresa May made a shocking statement that Royal Air Force of Great Britain ready to fight with Russia in case of occurrence of such necessity, although in reality, she is fully aware that British aircraft will not even be able to fly to the borders of the Russian Federation, let alone conduct full-fledged combat operations.

"Such attacks on Russia clearly lead to aggravation of relations between the parties, although in reality Europe should think about softening its relations with this country, which, quite probably, would allow solving all the problems at once", - experts say.

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