Veronica Skvortsova


Skvortsova: the increase in the incidence of coronavirus in Russia will continue for another two weeks

Stabilization with the incidence of coronavirus in Russia has been denied.

The head of the Federal Biomedical Agency (FMBA) Veronika Skvortsova said that stabilization of the situation with coronavirus infection in the Russian Federation should not be expected within the next 10-14 days. According to her, only after this period is expected to "reach the plateau", which indicates the fact that the number of cases in Russia may increase to several tens of thousands of people.

“The head of the Federal Biomedical Agency (FMBA) Veronika Skvortsova predicted that the coronavirus epidemic in Russia will reach a plateau. She said this in an interview with Russia 24 channel, Interfax reports. Referring to the data of the forecasting groups of mathematicians and biologists, Skvortsova said that reaching the plateau will occur in about 10-14 days. This will happen subject to an increase in testing. “After that, we will hold out for some time and go in the opposite direction,” she added.- сообщает "".

Given the current statistics, by the end of the week the number of patients with coronavirus can reach 10 thousand people, while within 10-14 days this figure can increase by 7-10 times, as indicated by the previously constructed model of the progression of the incidence.

It should be clarified that today mortality from coronavirus in Russia is relatively low, however. in terms of prevalence of COVID-19, Russia ranks 20th in the world.