A through penetration of a tank by an anti-tank missile was captured on video from a drone

An anti-tank missile pierced through the tank, flying out from the other side.

Due to the lack of elements of dynamic protection, an anti-tank missile successfully penetrated the tank, flying through its side wall through and through. The relevant video footage was taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle, and to date, this is the first evidence that an anti-tank missile is capable of punching a through hole in a tank.

On the presented video frames, you can see how two tanks located next to each other are trying to fire, however, an anti-tank missile suddenly flies into the front combat vehicle at great speed. Due to the huge speed and high penetrating power, the rocket pierces the armor and flies through the tank, after which it flies for another 150-200 meters.

Experts note that this may well be a fairly old tank, which is trite and should not withstand a hit by a modern anti-tank missile, however, the power of a missile hit indicates that modern weapons are an order of magnitude superior to the protective capabilities of old military equipment.

Among other things, on the video frames you can see that artillery strikes are also carried out on other military equipment. This may indicate that we are talking about an ambushed convoy, especially given the presence of a reconnaissance drone.