British military


Sky News: British elite special forces arrived in Ukraine

Great Britain sent several dozen soldiers of the Army Special Operations Brigade to Ukraine.

After the British Ministry of Defense delivered more than 2 NLAW light anti-tank missile systems to Ukraine, it became known that several dozen British military personnel from one of the country's elite units were deployed here. The data on this subject was presented by the SkyNews TV channel.

It is reported that the British military who arrived in Ukraine should train the Ukrainian military in the use of the supplied missile systems. Taking into account the appearance of information that some of the complexes were immediately sent from the warehouses to the Donbass, there is a high probability that the “training” can take place just against the militias of the DPR and LPR.

“A group of about 30 elite British troops have arrived in Ukraine to help train the Ukrainian armed forces in new anti-tank weapons donated by the UK amid fears of an imminent new Russian invasion. Soldiers of the Army Special Operations Brigade flew on military planes, which also airlifted a total of about 2000 anti-tank missile launchers into the country during the week. British reconnaissance aircraft have also been seen as part of a quiet but visible build-up of British support for Ukraine's armed forces.", according to the British TV channel SkyNews.

Experts note that, given the current situation, a very serious escalation is being prepared in Donbass. And, apparently, it can happen within the next few weeks.