Dementia or Courage? A desperate journalist passed under the wing of a Tu-160 bomber landing - it is no longer possible to get closer

The journalist fearlessly stepped under the landing Russian strategic bomber.

A few hours ago, unique video footage began to circulate on social networks, in which, according to Web users, the journalist demonstrates courage bordering on dementia by stepping right under the wing of the landing Russian strategic bomber Tu-160 “White Swan”.



In the video footage presented, you can see how the journalist walks right under the wing of the Russian strategic bomber Tu-160, which has just touched the runway, realizing, obviously, that she almost died only after the plane sweeps at a speed of several hundred kilometers per hour right above her.

Social networks reacted very resonantly to the journalist's behavior:

"Epic storyline, but it could have gone completely wrong."

"This is the very line between madness and courage"

“Dementia and courage in one bottle. As for me, but I probably would have pressed myself into the ground "

"The lady is clearly not from a timid dozen"

"Awesome video in the truest sense of the word"

Earlier, the resource published a video in which the girl desperately stepped under the helicopter propellers, also almost saying goodbye for the sake of the plot with her own life

Really there was no one who would take the girls from the GDP. You can't blame them - it's just not understanding the material with which they worked, but wanted to make it beautifully.

Maybe she is an expert in aviation or she was trained by a crowd of stunt consultants and everything is clearly calculated.
Maybe it's from the tenth take.

This is not the point, but the negligence of the airfield security.
The security was supposed to accompany the film crew and prevent recklessness.