The investigative team of the Russian Investigative Committee was attacked by a Ukrainian UAV in the Bryansk region

An emergency incident occurred in the Bryansk region that affected employees of the Investigative Committee of Russia. Four investigators were injured in an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attack that dropped an explosive device while they were working in the region's border zone on March 2. The incident occurred while an investigation was underway, highlighting the risks associated with law enforcement amid rising border tensions.

Among the victims were an investigator and a forensic investigator who were injured, as well as two department employees who were shell-shocked. At the moment, all victims are receiving qualified medical care, which indicates a serious approach to caring for the health and safety of law enforcement officials.

“The investigator and forensic investigator were injured, two more department employees were shell-shocked. Currently, employees are provided with qualified medical care.", said the regional governor.


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