The plane was shot down in Ukraine


Russian Investigative Committee says Malaysian Boeing was shot down by an air-to-air missile

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is ready to provide counter-arguments regarding the plane crash of the Malaysian liner on the territory of Ukraine.

According to its own investigation, conducted by the SC of the RF regarding the crash of the passenger airliner of the company "Malaysia Airlines" almost exactly a year ago, the information portal became aware that the traces of deformation of the fuselage of the aircraft at 95% correspond to the traces left by missiles of the air class Air ", which in turn contradicts the officially conducted investigation of the Netherlands and Malaysia.

It is necessary to clarify that Malaysia initiated the creation of a tribunal for the destruction of a passenger liner in order to find the perpetrators. At the moment, this resolution was promoted to the UN Security Council, but experts are sure that the proposal to demand the creation of a tribunal will be rejected, due to the lack of evidence, and the cases of the destruction of passenger aircraft were available before.


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