Too expensive even for Russia: Su-57 for VKS will be bought solely because of a discount in 20%

Putin spoke about the discount on the Su-57

Information Agency "TASS" reports that President Vladimir Putin made a statement about the granting of discounts by the manufacturers of the fifth-generation fighter Su-57 in the amount of 20 percent. Such condition provided for the purchase of aircraft by the Air and Space Forces (VKS) of Russia.

The fact that the cost of fighters reduced, the president reported to the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu. He said that under these conditions, without increasing the cost, 76 of such aircraft would be purchased.

The President recalled that according to the original plan before 2028, X-NUMX Su-16 fighters should have been purchased. Putin stressed that Russia's defense industry had not fulfilled orders in this volume for the past forty years.

Earlier, the president announced the purchase of X-NUMX aircraft Su-76. In the near future the corresponding complex contract will be concluded. Putin stressed that there is a need to re-equip three aviation regiments with the latest fighters.

Today's Su-57 - not fighters, and generally not combat aircraft. These are demonstration machines, heterogeneous (unequal) prototypes, very raw ... In fact, there is no benchmark for mass production of the Su-57. They are only eleven, but really flying nine. Another one burned down ... And they are all different. SUV (weapons control system) they do not care. Guided weapons in the form of air-to-air missiles on the Su-57 have not been thoroughly worked out. Complex tests for radar stealth (on the EPR from different angles, like the Americans) were not conducted.

In addition, the first Su-57 uses American electronic-base elements in RLPK and EDSU. For example, in a phased antenna radar. And in a number of places ... Our aircraft from 1970-ies (starting with Su-27 and MiG-29) cannot do without imported (mainly made in the USA) electronic elements that Russia cannot do (our technology does not allow). These elements are needed for the RLPK and EDSU of Russian fighter aircraft, including the Su-35S and the "fifth generation" of the Su-57 (T-50). The United States supplied these products to Russia without restriction until 2014, and then the Americans imposed a ban (in connection with the Crimea and Ukraine), which now creates major problems for our aerospace industry. (Now the Chinese electronic element base, which is an order of magnitude less resource and an order of magnitude less resistant to external electromagnetic effects, has gone to our combat aircraft than the American one that has come to us in the past.)

Contracts for the supply of the first pre-production lot to 12 of Su-57 aircraft for military trials will be concluded only in 2019 year. The defective Su-57 will start to arrive somewhere by 2021, at the second (full) stage - not earlier than 2025. And then in meager amounts ...