Slovakia is ready to send 30 T-72 tanks to Ukraine "immediately" upon receipt of Western tanks

Slovakia announced its readiness to transfer a battalion of T-72 tanks to Ukraine.

The Slovak authorities declared their readiness to immediately transfer to Ukraine a batch of 30 T-72 tanks, fully serviced and ready for combat use, on the condition that Western combat vehicles be transferred to this country. The formula for exchanging Soviet tanks for Western combat vehicles has not yet been announced, however, in all likelihood, Bratislava wants to receive a similar number of Leopard, Challenger or Abrams tanks from NATO.

“Slovakia is ready to send 30 T-72 tanks to Ukraine “immediately” provided that in return it can receive Western tanks”- said the Minister of Defense of Slovakia.

Western countries have not yet responded to Slovakia's proposal, however, experts note that such conditions may well turn out to be quite acceptable, since Ukraine has serious losses in tanks, and Western tanks may not begin to be used by Ukrainian troops until March, since the crews of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have to go through more training on the use of these combat vehicles.

Earlier it became known that the Armed Forces of Ukraine want to get a large number of tanks to organize counter-offensive actions.


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