Cases of avicentiousness in civil aviation declined

The number of cases with avtobedobshvstvom reduced by 16%.

According to data provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, for the first half of the year the number of cases of avtobeshchirstvo decreased by 16%, but given the fact that the number of persons brought to administrative responsibility is 459, there are still issues to be worked on.

The information portal Avia.pro in turn notes that the majority of cases associated with the violation of the rules of passenger transportation among customers of domestic airlines is due primarily to the use of alcoholic beverages, but there are also cases when passengers arranged on board the aircraft a conflict associated with servicing on board and other Reasons.

Experts are convinced that only the introduction of tough measures on the responsibility of persons involved in airborne attacks will minimize the number of incidents that arise, and the current state, which is almost 3 detected incidents per day, clearly indicates the ineffectiveness of the measures taken.


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