An aerial bomb accidentally dropped by an American F-16 fell on a village. Video

The American F-16 fighter dropped an 230-kilogram air bomb on a village.

Japanese television published unique video footage that captures the moment of the erroneous dropping by an American F-16 fighter of an air bomb weighing 230 kilograms to a Japanese village.

Previously, already reported the incident, however, as it turned out, the U.S. Air Force tried to hide the incident, however, due to the fact that the ammunition fell in the immediate vicinity of two schools and the populated area, all this led to a scandal.

In fact, American ammunition fell in 7 kilometers outside the military training area, and, according to sources, flights in this area should not have passed at all.

“It is easy to guess what grave consequences this incident would have led if the munition was not training, but military. Nearby are primary and secondary schools, and thousands of people live in the district ”- Japanese media report.

In the United States, in turn, they argue that the dropped bomb, and according to the initial data it was a rocket, was lost during the flight, however, in the United States, they decided not to comment on what the combat plane was doing outside the range.