An accidentally fired missile shot down an American F-16 fighter - the pilot managed to eject

An American F-16 fighter jet is shot down by an accidentally fired missile.

A US Air Force F-16 fighter was shot down by an accidentally fired missile. It is known that the pilot of the F-16 fighter managed to eject in time and only for this reason he survived, while the combat aircraft itself was destroyed.

It is noteworthy that the F-16 fighter was shot down by another American fighter - the F-15, moreover, this happened by accident, during a training battle. For unknown reasons, the F-15 pilot removed the weapon from the fuse and fired an aircraft missile during the flight. Information on this subject is given by the Soha edition, noting that the incident took place on August 10.

“The US Air Force fighter was accidentally shot down by its own military. The report indicates that on August 10, the US military explained that in the previous few days, as usual, they conducted training with the participation of fighters. Suddenly, during the training process, an emergency situation occurred, an F-15 fighter of the US Air Force missed and shot down an F-16 fighter. Despite the fact that the missile hit the F-16, it did not bring any casualties, because the pilot managed to eject. For such a situation, the position of the Pentagon is the most surprising. It is reported that the Pentagon not only did not express dissatisfaction, but also stated that this is also an important achievement made by the US military in the development process and the F-15 proved its strength at the right time. "- reports the edition "East Day Military" with reference to the US Air Force.

No other details are given on this score. Experts note that the Pentagon should hardly be glad that the pilot of the F-15 fighter knocked out his own plane due to violations of flight rules and safety measures.

in the same place it is written that he missed :-))), that is, he did not want to shoot down, Apparently the pilot of the F-16 got him so that he only wanted to scare him.

Aren't there many accidents? It is necessary to remove the rocket from the fuse, so actually by chance, to lock the target also by accident and launch, oddly enough, seeing the combat capture of the target and accidentally hit the target. Apparently this pilot also accidentally got into aviation.



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