"Accidental Projectile Hit During Exercise": Su-30 Shot Down by Su-35

Data on the destruction of the Russian fighter by another combat aircraft have been confirmed.

A source in the defense department confirmed the information that appeared earlier, at the disposal of the resource, that the Su-30 fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces was accidentally destroyed by another Russian fighter during an exercise. It is argued that the pilot should not even simulate shooting under any circumstances, however, due to a mistake made, an aviation 30-mm cannon pierced a Russian combat aircraft, leaving a pile of wreckage from it.

“Information about the shell hitting the fighter was confirmed by a TASS source in the emergency services. “Preliminarily, the cause of the emergency was an accidental hit of a shell on the Su-30 during an exercise. The shot was fired by another aircraft, ”the source said. According to Kommersant, during the administrative investigation it turned out that the Su-35S was without missile weapons, shots from the 30-mm GSh-30-1 aircraft gun should not have been fired either, and the attack itself should only have been recorded by photo and video equipment. ", - about it сообщает edition "Vzglyad", wondering why the Su-35 pilot opened fire.

It should be clarified that there is no official confirmation of this data from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation yet, however, days earlier, had a photograph at its disposal, which captured the crash site of the downed Su-30 fighter - the plane was completely destroyed.

The cannon pierced the plane, but the shell is to blame?

The world is on the edge?

Perhaps the title in Russian is more correct - "Su-35 shot down a Su-30 fighter"