Jalalabad explosion


Suicide bomber killed 48 Taliban, about 30 more injured

Fifty Taliban terrorists were killed in Jalalabad.

A terrorist act was committed against the Taliban terrorists who illegally came to power in Afghanistan (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.). As it became known to the news agency Avia.pro, a suicide bomber blew himself up surrounded by the Taliban, as a result of which 48 Afghan terrorists were killed, and about 30 more were seriously injured. As it became known, it was not the resistance forces of Afghanistan that were behind the attack on the Taliban militants, but the terrorists of another organization - the Islamic State (a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.).

So far, the Islamic State terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Jalalabad, stressing that the attack was against the Taliban.

Apparently, in the coming months, the situation in Afghanistan should be expected to deteriorate, as it became known earlier that several thousand Islamic State terrorists were released from Afghan prisons. Taking into account the fact that a conflict has also matured within the Taliban, and the Taliban themselves still cannot take control of the territory of the Panjshir province (about 75% of the region's territory is under the control of the resistance forces - ed.), The Taliban can quickly lose control over the situation in the country.