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Mortality from coronavirus in Russia increased by another 50% per day

Mortality from coronavirus in Russia continues to grow rapidly.

The situation with the spread of coronavirus infection in the Russian Federation continues to deteriorate, despite preventive measures. So, only in the last day the number of deaths from COVID-19 in Russia increased by 50%, reaching 6 people, while the number of infected people increased by 22%, reaching an indicator of 1264 people.

The increase in mortality in Russia among new-type coronavirus infected people is of very serious concern, although this indicator is one of the lowest in the world.

At the moment, it is known that Russia imposes very serious restrictions on the movement of citizens across the country, in particular, they have already touched a number of regions of the Russian Federation, however, a much more important step is the actual isolation of the country, in particular, closure is expected to take place on March 30 all the borders of Russia, while the timing of the restrictions are not announced.

Experts cannot yet predict the further situation with the spread of coronavirus infection, however, given the fact that if the days before the increase in infected COVID-19 in Russia was a little more than 23%, then per day the percentage increase decreased to 22%, which may well indicate a positive trend towards a reduction in the number of infected.

Now every death is attributed to the virus.

Right 200 percent ... the streets are full of people ... what are they thinking ... they just have nothing to think about ... brain deficiency.

With the current approach of the authorities to this deadly problem, Russia will soon leave the whole world far behind. This will show the next census, when a couple of millions are not counted. Now many are treated with an increased dose of vodka and this will also give its result.

Not two, but four yesterday, and today there are six. So much for 50%

there are many more infected, they simply are not diagnosed. You can’t take a test if you have a fever. Imagine how many really sick patients will spit and stay at home ... And most importantly, it is beneficial for the authorities: statistics will not take them into account, all indicators will not be scary

One criticism, from the outside, and that no one comes out of the critics and does not tell people who are walking so that they go home and do not spread the infection. Where is the guarantee for those people who go outside and live as if their declared quarantine does not apply.

What a terrible figure - "mortality increased by 50%"! Translated into simple human language, this means that previously there were four deaths from coronavirus, and now two more have died. And so the panic spreads ...

it's not funny anymore. authorities overslept everything. at the end of January, temporary recommendations were issued by the Ministry of Health warning about the problem and showing ways of prevention. The authorities are still afraid to declare not just an epidemic, but quarantine, replacing it with “holidays.” the country is filled with the virus from behind the "hillock" in the form of tourist idiots who are "knee-deep". and the authorities are all shy. waiting for the disaster. and I sincerely thought that the medieval plague was somewhere long ago from dark times. it turns out that it is, the lessons have not been learned. along with the collapse of the union, common sense also collapsed.

Quote: "... if the days before the increase in infected COVID-19 in Russia was a little more than 23%, then in a day the percentage increase dropped to 22%, which may indicate a positive tendency to reduce the number of infected people," laughed out loud. comedy! By 1 percent and clarification, they say, "per day" - is this a positive trend? Oh well! Let's see what happens tomorrow or in 2 days, I think that due to the departure of many Muscovites out of town, the percentage will be up to 35-40%, but this will also be a positive trend, I think - you will say it again, continuing later: "Virologists correctly predicted that the peak of the pandemic in Russia will occur just at the beginning of April!" Write on! And it will be with you, like that of Shura! "Saw, Shura, saw ..."