Coronavirus mortality in Russia per day increased by 75%

Mortality from coronavirus in Russia has almost doubled in XNUMX hours.

Over the past day, the number of people infected with coronavirus infection has increased in Russia, reaching 1836 people, however, along with the number of infected people, mortality among those who have officially confirmed a new type of coronavirus has also increased. In just one day, mortality from coronavirus in Russia increased by 75%, reaching 14 people.

According to the source, we are talking about older people aged 76 and 86 years, respectively. In addition to coronavirus infection, they also diagnosed with chronic diseases, which, obviously, was the reason for the rapid deterioration of their condition.

“Four more patients with coronavirus died in Moscow. This is reported by the operational headquarters for the control and monitoring of the spread of coronavirus in the capital in its Telegram channel. All patients were from 76 to 86 years old, they were diagnosed with pneumonia and a positive test for coronavirus. It is also reported that two of them were on mechanical ventilation. The dead had chronic diseases, in particular cardiovascular. Among concomitant diseases are also chronic pyelonephritis, bronchial asthma, chronic brain ischemia. Two dead had diabetes- сообщает "".

Thus, today, according to official data, 14 people have died in Russia, whose COVID-19 coronavirus was laboratory-confirmed, although the number of deaths was only 8 people a day earlier.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, today Russia is 32nd in the number of citizens infected with a new type of coronavirus.

The main thing is that there should not be an increase in new cases of the disease! The rest is all about the individual characteristics of the body, its resistance to the virus.