Mi-35M Helicopter


Deadly "Ravagers": the newest combat helicopters entered service with the VKS

The party of the newest combat helicopters entered the Russian troops.

PJSC Rostvertol of the Russian Helicopters holding handed over a batch of helicopters to the RF Ministry of Defense. These are the transport-combat Mi-35M (two units), the combat training Mi-28UB (two units) and the Mi-28N "Night Hunter" (three units). The event was reported by the press service of the state corporation "Rostec".

Mi-35M is a transport and combat vehicle capable of operating at any time of the day. The helicopter has on board a modern high-precision weapons. It is designed to destroy military equipment, including armored. The helicopter can provide the landing of troops, carry out fire support units of the ground forces, to evacuate the wounded. The main feature of the machine is that inside it can transport people and cargo with a total weight of up to one and a half tons. On the outside of the suspension, the helicopter is capable of carrying loads of up to 2,4 tons.

Mi-28N "Night Hunter" is an attack helicopter with enhanced armor protection. It is distinguished by increased combat survivability. The vehicle has a modern high-precision guided and unguided missile system on board. It is also equipped with a powerful rapid-fire cannon installation. NATO calls this helicopter «Havoc», that is, - "The Ravager."

Mi-XNUMHUB is a combat training helicopter. He has a dual control system. Piloting is carried out from the cockpit of the pilot-commander of the crew, and from the cockpit of the pilot-operator. On board the helicopter has a modernized electronic complex.